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The Faux Gourmet has been on hiatus for a while. I began this blog as a creative outlet during law school. After law school, I started other blogs on other topics and no longer needed this as a creative outlet, not to mention my diminishing free time.

But I kept cooking, kept taking food pictures and garden pictures, kept wanting to share the little tidbits of what I'd made. I occasionally did this on my personal blog (to which, I'm sure, people yawned and wondered when I'd post another cat picture). But I started to miss this space. Of all the blogs I have, this format, culled over several dedicated years and incorporating that adorable illustration by Sam Wedelich (see info the left) is by far my favorite.

So I'm back!

Expect short and sweet posts. Less food porn, more recipes and tips. If you want food porn you can look at any of the 5000 million existing food blogs. I don't have good lighting in my apartment and don't have time to style plates. I just want to make something yummy and eat it. If that sounds ok with you, stick around.

Looking forward to being back in touch!


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    Wednesday, July 1, 2009


    Hello dear readers,

    As you've probably noticed, there has been a lot of tweeting from the Faux Gourmet & not a whole lot else. I've been disheartened without my camera; still waiting for it to get fixed, and have been focusing on another side project (will post about that soon!) and studying for the bar. Lest you worried I'd closed up shop for good, I'm only going to be on 'vacation' from What's in the Pot? til the end of July. I look forward to more tasty postings when the bar exam is good & over. Hope you enjoy a summer of cooking & eating good food until then!

    The Faux Gourmet